3 things to consider when selecting a trophy supplier for your company

Is it that time to evaluate your employees and business partners to reward those who have performed exceptionally well? It is important that you get them a trophy worth their exemplary efforts and service. Therefore, pay attention to selecting a good trophy supplier for the event you are going to hold. Here are three things that you should consider when looking for a trophy supplier for your company:

The quality of the trophy

The quality of the trophies varies according to the materials used to manufacture them. For example, if two trophies are made of crystal glass, the one with better quality is more reflective when illuminated. Ask about the grade of the material used to make the trophy to be sure that you get value for your money.

The firm supplying the trophies to you may be an intermediary, buying them at wholesale prices and retailing them to you at higher prices. On the other hand, some firms may be stocking or shipping the trophies from another location where they are in-charge. A supplier who controls the entire process from shipping, stocking to retailing is more reliable regarding quality.

The budget considerations

The approach you use to reward your employees and business partners determines the budget constraints you will have when planning to buy the trophies. It will cost you more if you have many award categories. Moreover, the trophy awarded is also based on the achievement the person has made, which makes it difficult to reduce the cost incurred when buying some trophies. As much you may want to reduce extravagance, it is important to ensure that the trophy you present to someone fits their calibre and level of achievement.

Take time to assess the various pricing options offered by your potential suppliers. Imperatively, choose one that offers the best quality at reasonable prices within your budget range.


The engraving on the trophy presented to your employees and business partners is an essential part of that trophy. Since the award is a representation of your appreciation for their efforts, the trophy and the engraving should combine well such that the recipient feels how much you put into appreciating him or her. Suppliers offer different quality when it comes to engraving. It is prudent that you look at the sample of the engraving to ascertain its quality. In addition, the supplier should have adequate experience in engraving so that they can handle trophies made of wood, metal, or glass without compromising quality.