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Reasons why you should powder coat all your equipment

In most production industries, paint and powder coating are the two types of coating techniques used on appliances, electronic equipment and other recreational products. However, powder coating tends to be the preferred choice when it comes to coating. Powder coating has numerous benefits over paint coating like lower line costs; it is solvent-free and easy to clean up after work. Because it has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and offers an overspray capability, powder coating significantly assists in creating a beautifully finished outlook. Therefore, if you are thinking of which type of coating to use on your products, the following reasons explain why powder coating is the best coating mechanism: Safety Reasons It is imperative to ensure that all precautionary measures are undertaken to avoid inhaling the powder or getting direct contact with your skin. However, there is no need to worry because the base product is inert and in solid form so it does not pose a high health risk to your workers. The powder does not contain dangerous chemicals like VOC or solvents that exist in wet paint. Mechanical Benefits Powder coating has a significant advantage as it offers a coating layer that is twice as thick as that produced by wet paint. It also has the capability of bending around the applied product. This increases its use in the automobile and transport industries because mobile cabins and trailers undergo numerous twists and vibrations as they move from one location to another. Environmental Benefits Powder coating has numerous environmental benefits that make it ideal for coating purposes. The absence of dangerous chemicals like volatile organic compounds or solvents in it ensures that the immediate environment does not suffer physical or chemical degradation. Notably, the absence of hazardous waste material after the application process eliminates waste disposal in water bodies or isolated pieces of lands. It also discourages the use of wet paint as wet paint contains several hazardous waste materials like lead, which deplete the earth’s ozone layer. Cost Advantages Powder coating increases your economic benefits through its effectiveness and overspray. Its effectiveness is achieved by ensuring almost seventy percent of the powder spray is transferred to the product while any overspray can be collected and reused. This reduces material waste during the application process. Additionally, the base product used in powder coating is considerably cheaper when compared to the price of wet paint. Paint evaporates quickly, and […]

Mistakes Bottle Collectors Make When Purchasing Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable bottles have become an imperative commodity lately. Over recent years, plastic bottles have increased in popularity in households, business establishments and food chains. In the prevailing economic climate with a lot of unemployment, many individuals are attempting to sell their junk plastic bottles to bottle dealers to earn some cash. Additionally, other people purchase bottles for sale and recycle them to useful commodities. However, there is some advice you should heed if you decide to become a used bottle dealer. Inadequate Knowledge At times when purchasing plastic bottles, chances are you will not distinguish a valuable bottle from one that is virtually worthless if you are a beginner at this. Basically, to become a successful bottle collector, you need to be in a position to distinguish recyclable bottles from junk. Most bottle collectors make the mistake of purchasing bottles just because of their aesthetic appeal only to find out later that all that glitters is not gold. The best way to cure this critical mistake is by educating yourself. All plastics bottles are labelled with numbers between one and seven, and these numbers are located at the bottom. This number is enclosed by three arrows and is there to indicate the type of plastic used to make it. Knowing these numbers is of paramount importance since some are better than others. Smaller Quantities Buying in retail and wholesale rates always has a difference. When buying bottles in bulk, you can also avail special discounts and offers. Purchasing in bulk quantities offers you a wide range of advantages: You will be able to buy different kinds of plastic bottles Plastic bottles will be sold at cheaper rates You get the chance to choose from a vast collection of sizes and shapes You will not have to keep a large inventory Unsorted Plastics Majority of the bottle caps are made from different types of plastic from the bottles. Buying plastics that contain caps will make the sorting process longer and waste a considerable amount of time uncorking the bottles and sorting them, especially when bulk orders are involved. Check for damages, strains or chips on the bottles and return them if the seller offers a return privilege to get refunds or replacements.   Beginning your career as a bottle dealer should no longer be a daunting process if you understand the above mistakes made by recyclable bottle buyers as well as […]

Bottling It: Choosing The Best Packaging Types For Hydraulic Lubricants

Hydraulic lubricant is perhaps the most important material for keeping hydraulic systems and equipment in good order. Without a ready supply of uncontaminated lubricant, hydraulic systems can lose vital power, create dangerous amounts of friction and heat at vital areas, and potentially spring leaks or even break down entirely. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your hydraulic oils are stored in safe, robust containers until they need to be used — fortunately, lubricant and grease packaging manufacturers offer a wide array of packaging choices, keeping your lubes safe and giving you a number of application options. Grease gun cartridges These grease cartridges are tightly sealed and pressurised, and are available in a number of sizes designed to fit in a wide variety of grease applicator guns. The sealed cartridge keeps your lubricants free of contamination by dirt, moisture, and other natural hazards. Choose this type of lubricant packaging if you need to apply small amounts of lubricant to sensitive, hard-to-reach areas, as the use of a grease gun with a narrow nozzle allows lubricant to be applied in narrow streams to corners and moving surfaces, while giving you added reach to keep your hands free of dangerous moving parts. Lubricant bottles These bottles are available in a number of sizes, ranging from small hand-held bottles to large, drum-like containers designed for large-scale lubricant storage. This choice of packaging is usually very cheap and readily available, and until they are opened for the first time they are tightly sealed against outside contaminants. As such, they can be used for a variety of purposes: smaller bottles can be used to pour lubricant directly into reservoirs and pistons, while larger bottles can be used with swabs, pipettes and other small applicators. Bear in mind, however, that bottles lose their hermetic seal once opened, and while most lubricant bottles feature rubber gaskets around their neck to minimise post-opening contamination they will still need to be stored in a clean, cool area. This is especially important if you choose bottles with applicator caps, which are very convenient but more likely to break and allow lubricants to become contaminated. Lubricant aerosols Lubricating external components of hydraulic machinery, such as visible pistons and motor components, can be difficult. Aerosol sprays are an excellent way to make this job easier, dispensing lubricants in narrow cones of air-suspended lubricant particles which form a thin, even film of […]

Safety Tools for Laser Technology Hobbyists

Traditionally, laser technology has been associated with high-tech applications, hence its use was “reserved” for tech-savvy individuals. However, things have changed in the 21st Century and the technology has gained widespread adoption. Some of the noticeable areas of application include medicine, military weaponry, industrial processes, and entertainment. The continued adoption has given many individuals, including hobbyists, an opportunity to dabble with the technology. Nonetheless, lasers pose a serious threat to safety if not handled the right way. Hobbyists are particularly at a greater risk because very little awareness training is done for this segment of users unlike industrialists who have elaborate control procedures and tools. Therefore, this article highlights common tools that any laser hobbyists out there can use to protect themselves against injury: Goggles — whether in industrial or home application, goggles are necessary for anyone handling lasers. Stray laser beams can damage eyesight or cause instant blindness depending on the type and intensity of the beam. Dark goggles can offer protection in such cases by reducing the intensity of lasers or deflecting the beam altogether. Gloves — light is a form of energy that dissipates heat. As such, high intensity lasers can cause serious burns if not properly handled. In such cases, it is prudent for a hobbyist to put on specialized safety gloves. These are able to absorb laser heat and protect the handler from accidental burns Warning signs — as a hobbyist, it is vital to consider the safety of other people when handling lasers. Warning signs are effective ways of letting other people know that you are working on lasers and that they need to be careful. This tool might appear mundane, but the effectiveness cannot be overstated. As a hobbyist, one can decide to print a simple notice or buy one from a store. Laser shields — this tool is mostly used in industries, but hobbyists can still use it, especially when dabbling in high-power laser beams. In layman terms, a laser shield is a protective material (metallic or otherwise) that blocks stray beams from moving out of a controlled environment, which can be a room. Laser meter — as the name suggests, this tools is used for measuring the intensity or power associated with a laser. The tool is a must-have for hobbyists because they can use it to discern the safety limits of different types of lasers.  For example, some types of laser […]

Factors to Consider When Determining the Specifications of a Custom Truck

Formulating the right specifications for a custom truck is a daunting task for many fleet managers. This article discusses some factors that you should consider while deciding the right specifications for your custom built truck bodies. Type of Cargo A custom-built truck should be designed to suit the kind of cargo that it will carry. For instance, the material from which the body is made will depend on the kind of cargo that will be transported. A clear example is if you want that tilt tray truck to transport building materials. It may be advisable to construct the body using steel. This is because steel is a tough material that can withstand the abrasive impact of building materials (such as gravel). Conversely, an aluminum body may be sufficient if you will be transporting packaged products from a factory (such as electronics). The lighter aluminum body will enable you to haul a larger quantity of goods without exceeding the weight-limit of the custom truck. Aluminum bodies are also suitable for trucks that operate in places exposed to salt water due to their corrosion-resistance. The Chassis The chassis is the most important component of a custom truck because the rest of the truck will be built upon it. Consider several factors when picking a chassis. For instance, how long should it be? The choice of chassis is dependent upon how long the service body will be. For example, a chassis from a pick-up truck cannot carry a body that is designed for a heavy-duty truck that is as long as a bus. This is because the pick-up truck chassis will be too short for that service body. Pick a chassis that can accommodate the length of the service body. You should also ensure that the area between the cab and the back of the cargo area is free from any fittings (such as emissions treatment devices). This is because such mountings can stand in the way of fitting the service body onto the chassis. For example, all electrical wiring has to be re-routed so that it is not damaged when the service body is mounted. These modifications can inflate the budget of the custom truck. Additionally, pick a chassis whose weight can support the weight of the loaded service body. Check the weight rating of the chassis and buy one that exceeds the weight of the cargo that you intend to transport. That […]

Why You Should Consider Femtosecond Laser Cutting

You may have been disappointed by the poor quality of some of the products that were delivered to you after conventional laser cutting means were used during the fabrication of those parts. This article discusses how femtosecond laser cutting can be helpful during the fabrication of your products (such as branded solar panels). No Heat Impact Femtosecond laser pulses are short bursts of energy that are emitted into a component during the cutting process. The wavelength of those pulses is so short that the resultant energy does not generate any heat. This attribute ensures that the structural integrity of your products will not be compromised. For instance, some materials (such as stainless steel) can become brittle when subjected to intense heat. Such materials will not be affected if they are machined using femtosecond laser cutting tools. No Ejected Materials Some fabricated products bear defects such as burrs due to ejected materials sticking on their surfaces. This defect is not likely to mar the quality of your products because femtosecond laser cutting does not generate any materials during fabrication. The cutting process produces microscopic pieces of debris that are immediately carried away by the gas used to generate the laser light beams. No Shock Waves are Produced Conventional laser cutting produces shock waves that can affect the structure of the material being cut. For instance, it can cause micro-cracks within the component. Such cracks can cause the affected part to be discarded. This increases the cost of fabricating products because the fabricator will have to budget for wasted materials when computing the cost of your order. Femtosecond laser cutting helps you to have your products fabricated at a lower cost because there will be minimal material wastage (if any) during the fabrication process. Reduced Fabrication Time Another key advantage of this laser cutting technology is that it collapses the time needed to fabricate products. This is because the method makes many of the post-fabrication steps unnecessary. For instance, it is not necessary to refinish the area where etching has been done because there is no discolouration caused by the laser rays. It is also not necessary to wait for components to cool before additional machining can take place. As you can see, femtosecond laser cutting offers you a wide variety of advantages. Contact your laser cutting services provider so that he or she can advise you on how this method can […]

3 things to consider when selecting a trophy supplier for your company

Is it that time to evaluate your employees and business partners to reward those who have performed exceptionally well? It is important that you get them a trophy worth their exemplary efforts and service. Therefore, pay attention to selecting a good trophy supplier for the event you are going to hold. Here are three things that you should consider when looking for a trophy supplier for your company: The quality of the trophy The quality of the trophies varies according to the materials used to manufacture them. For example, if two trophies are made of crystal glass, the one with better quality is more reflective when illuminated. Ask about the grade of the material used to make the trophy to be sure that you get value for your money. The firm supplying the trophies to you may be an intermediary, buying them at wholesale prices and retailing them to you at higher prices. On the other hand, some firms may be stocking or shipping the trophies from another location where they are in-charge. A supplier who controls the entire process from shipping, stocking to retailing is more reliable regarding quality. The budget considerations The approach you use to reward your employees and business partners determines the budget constraints you will have when planning to buy the trophies. It will cost you more if you have many award categories. Moreover, the trophy awarded is also based on the achievement the person has made, which makes it difficult to reduce the cost incurred when buying some trophies. As much you may want to reduce extravagance, it is important to ensure that the trophy you present to someone fits their calibre and level of achievement. Take time to assess the various pricing options offered by your potential suppliers. Imperatively, choose one that offers the best quality at reasonable prices within your budget range. Engraving The engraving on the trophy presented to your employees and business partners is an essential part of that trophy. Since the award is a representation of your appreciation for their efforts, the trophy and the engraving should combine well such that the recipient feels how much you put into appreciating him or her. Suppliers offer different quality when it comes to engraving. It is prudent that you look at the sample of the engraving to ascertain its quality. In addition, the supplier should have adequate experience in engraving so that […]

3 Factors to Consider When Automating Your Factory

Full automation of all manufacturing processes is one way to achieve efficiency and deliver high quality products to clients. This article discusses three critical elements that you should consider when automating your newly opened factory. Connected Factory Devices There are very many advantages to linking all the equipment in your factory on one network. For instance, it enables you to manage production processes remotely. It also reduces the amount of hardware that you need to keep manufacturing systems functioning. For example, one server can be used to store all the information needed to design products. That same server can also have the information needed to track the performance of machine components to prevent downtime. Your challenge is in clearly communicating your needs to an engineering expert so that an appropriate system is designed to cater for your current and future IoT (internet of things) needs. Cloud Computing This refers to the use of a remote location for the storage of the data of your factory. The remote storage space is managed by another entity other than your own staff. You need to weigh the pros and cons of taking your data to the cloud. For instance, cloud-computing cuts down your costs of maintaining IT software since you will not be limited to the use of proprietary data systems. On the downside, special attention needs to be placed on securing your critical data from security breaches over the internet. Big Data Another aspect that you need to think about when automating your factory is how you will use all the data that modern equipment is capable of collecting. For instance, it is now possible to track the drop in the performance of machine components as they make different products. Such data can enable you to procure different components so that they can be used to make only those products that each equipment is most suitable for. You should install analytical tools that will enable you to get a competitive edge based on how well you are using that huge volume of data collected by your networked processes. Each of the factors above has its own unique strengths and challenges. Your biggest job is to identify an engineering expert who will help you to develop an automation system that brings together all the advantages of cloud computing, big data and factory internet (connectedness) of objects and processes. That engineer can also design […]

Field Equipment You Might Purchase for Your School

When you’re in charge of school sports supplies or run an afterschool sports program of any sort, you need to use your equipment dollars wisely. The right equipment will ensure the players get the best coaching and have what they need to practice and be successful when on the field, but that doesn’t mean you should buy anything and everything you see on the market. Note a few essentials to consider and why they can be so important, whether this is for American football, rugby, soccer, field hockey, or any similar game. 1. Portable field goal posts Portable field goal posts can be good for separate training sessions as they can be set up on the sidelines or anywhere on the field. This allows you to train kickers or goalies safely, away from other players who may fail to look out for someone else training in the field’s end zone. Many portable field goal posts can also be narrowed and widened, so a kicker or field hockey player can practice accuracy as well as distance. Some posts have a soccer net at the bottom and football goal posts at the top, so they can serve double duty when your school hosts more than one type of game and needs to train a variety of players. 2. Coaching towers No matter the sport you’re teaching on a field, portable coaching towers can be a very necessary and valuable choice. These portable towers give a coach a bird’s eye view of the players and the field. This allows him or her to see how running patterns are executed, to check an entire formation before the play is executed, and so on. Having this overhead view can also allow coaches to see downfield as well as players right in front of them at the same time, which is something that’s virtually impossible to do from the ground. 3. Portable timers The game clock and play clock are very important when it comes to virtually any game, so having timers running during practice can be as important as equipment that is actually used on the field. You may not have access to the controls for the overhead clock that is connected to the scoreboard as this is usually accessed only from a control booth, so portable timers can be a good choice. Players can be trained to become more skilled at watching and managing […]