Why You Should Consider Femtosecond Laser Cutting

You may have been disappointed by the poor quality of some of the products that were delivered to you after conventional laser cutting means were used during the fabrication of those parts. This article discusses how femtosecond laser cutting can be helpful during the fabrication of your products (such as branded solar panels).

No Heat Impact

Femtosecond laser pulses are short bursts of energy that are emitted into a component during the cutting process. The wavelength of those pulses is so short that the resultant energy does not generate any heat. This attribute ensures that the structural integrity of your products will not be compromised. For instance, some materials (such as stainless steel) can become brittle when subjected to intense heat. Such materials will not be affected if they are machined using femtosecond laser cutting tools.

No Ejected Materials

Some fabricated products bear defects such as burrs due to ejected materials sticking on their surfaces. This defect is not likely to mar the quality of your products because femtosecond laser cutting does not generate any materials during fabrication. The cutting process produces microscopic pieces of debris that are immediately carried away by the gas used to generate the laser light beams.

No Shock Waves are Produced

Conventional laser cutting produces shock waves that can affect the structure of the material being cut. For instance, it can cause micro-cracks within the component. Such cracks can cause the affected part to be discarded. This increases the cost of fabricating products because the fabricator will have to budget for wasted materials when computing the cost of your order. Femtosecond laser cutting helps you to have your products fabricated at a lower cost because there will be minimal material wastage (if any) during the fabrication process.

Reduced Fabrication Time

Another key advantage of this laser cutting technology is that it collapses the time needed to fabricate products. This is because the method makes many of the post-fabrication steps unnecessary. For instance, it is not necessary to refinish the area where etching has been done because there is no discolouration caused by the laser rays. It is also not necessary to wait for components to cool before additional machining can take place.

As you can see, femtosecond laser cutting offers you a wide variety of advantages. Contact your laser cutting services provider so that he or she can advise you on how this method can be used during the fabrication of the various products that you require.