Learn a Little More About the Various Grades of Aluminium

Metal is one of the most widely used material in the world today. From simple applications like cooking to complex one in the automobile and construction industry, metals continue to be a part of numerous human activities. Particularly, aluminium is popularly used in household and commercial applications for window frames, doorframes and roofing among others. It comes in various grades and shapes, all of which affect the manner in which you can use the aluminium material. [Read More]

Reasons why you should powder coat all your equipment

In most production industries, paint and powder coating are the two types of coating techniques used on appliances, electronic equipment and other recreational products. However, powder coating tends to be the preferred choice when it comes to coating. Powder coating has numerous benefits over paint coating like lower line costs; it is solvent-free and easy to clean up after work. Because it has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and offers an overspray capability, powder coating significantly assists in creating a beautifully finished outlook. [Read More]

Mistakes Bottle Collectors Make When Purchasing Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable bottles have become an imperative commodity lately. Over recent years, plastic bottles have increased in popularity in households, business establishments and food chains. In the prevailing economic climate with a lot of unemployment, many individuals are attempting to sell their junk plastic bottles to bottle dealers to earn some cash. Additionally, other people purchase bottles for sale and recycle them to useful commodities. However, there is some advice you should heed if you decide to become a used bottle dealer. [Read More]

Bottling It: Choosing The Best Packaging Types For Hydraulic Lubricants

Hydraulic lubricant is perhaps the most important material for keeping hydraulic systems and equipment in good order. Without a ready supply of uncontaminated lubricant, hydraulic systems can lose vital power, create dangerous amounts of friction and heat at vital areas, and potentially spring leaks or even break down entirely. As such, you'll want to make sure that your hydraulic oils are stored in safe, robust containers until they need to be used -- fortunately, lubricant and grease packaging manufacturers offer a wide array of packaging choices, keeping your lubes safe and giving you a number of application options. [Read More]