Why Is Waste Oil Collection a Good Thing?

Most major economies around the world will have some form of waste oil collection industry, which makes it much easier for businesses to do the right thing and have their old oil reprocessed. In some countries, it is illegal to simply dispose of oil because it is so harmful to humans and the environment when it is not handled properly. Equally, even waste forms of oil represent a precious commodity. Either way you look at it, waste oil collection is necessary. Why else should you sign up to a service which will take your waste oil away for you?

Oil Expertise

When you have a professional waste oil collection service deal with your old oil and lubricating products for you, it is simpler and cheaper to get the oil to the reprocessing plants it needs to reach. If you undertake the logistical challenge of transporting old oil yourself, then the chances are that you will manage. However, most businesses are ill-equipped to deal with any spillages and leaks on the road that might occur. This could easily push the cost up of doing the job yourself. Moreover, using a professional oil handling firm that specialises in this sort of work will mean benefiting from an economy of scale because many of the other businesses in your area will also be using a similar service provider.

Avoid Contamination

Storing old oil at your business premises instead of having it collected may sound like a cost-effective alternative. This might be the case if you have the room to do so. However, it is dangerous to store certain flammable oils, and it may not even be legal to do so without the right certification. Furthermore, if any contamination were to occur, then your business would undoubtedly be held legally accountable. This could be bad for your reputation as well as resulting in heavy fines being levied against you.

Improve Recycling

Few people would argue about the value of recycling these days. Given that many grades of oil will be quite fit for purpose once more after they have had their contaminants filtered out, why would you not have them recycled? It is the environmentally responsible thing to do, after all. A good deal of the oil that is collected in Australia these days will be good for burning. It is also widely used in bitumen, too, sometimes for the construction of new tracks, flat roofs and other surfaces where a durable membrane is needed.