Reasons why you should powder coat all your equipment

In most production industries, paint and powder coating are the two types of coating techniques used on appliances, electronic equipment and other recreational products. However, powder coating tends to be the preferred choice when it comes to coating. Powder coating has numerous benefits over paint coating like lower line costs; it is solvent-free and easy to clean up after work. Because it has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and offers an overspray capability, powder coating significantly assists in creating a beautifully finished outlook. Therefore, if you are thinking of which type of coating to use on your products, the following reasons explain why powder coating is the best coating mechanism:

Safety Reasons

It is imperative to ensure that all precautionary measures are undertaken to avoid inhaling the powder or getting direct contact with your skin. However, there is no need to worry because the base product is inert and in solid form so it does not pose a high health risk to your workers. The powder does not contain dangerous chemicals like VOC or solvents that exist in wet paint.

Mechanical Benefits

Powder coating has a significant advantage as it offers a coating layer that is twice as thick as that produced by wet paint. It also has the capability of bending around the applied product. This increases its use in the automobile and transport industries because mobile cabins and trailers undergo numerous twists and vibrations as they move from one location to another.

Environmental Benefits

Powder coating has numerous environmental benefits that make it ideal for coating purposes. The absence of dangerous chemicals like volatile organic compounds or solvents in it ensures that the immediate environment does not suffer physical or chemical degradation. Notably, the absence of hazardous waste material after the application process eliminates waste disposal in water bodies or isolated pieces of lands. It also discourages the use of wet paint as wet paint contains several hazardous waste materials like lead, which deplete the earth's ozone layer.

Cost Advantages

Powder coating increases your economic benefits through its effectiveness and overspray. Its effectiveness is achieved by ensuring almost seventy percent of the powder spray is transferred to the product while any overspray can be collected and reused. This reduces material waste during the application process. Additionally, the base product used in powder coating is considerably cheaper when compared to the price of wet paint. Paint evaporates quickly, and any overspray cannot be recollected, so it increases your operation costs.