Mistakes Bottle Collectors Make When Purchasing Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable bottles have become an imperative commodity lately. Over recent years, plastic bottles have increased in popularity in households, business establishments and food chains. In the prevailing economic climate with a lot of unemployment, many individuals are attempting to sell their junk plastic bottles to bottle dealers to earn some cash. Additionally, other people purchase bottles for sale and recycle them to useful commodities. However, there is some advice you should heed if you decide to become a used bottle dealer.

Inadequate Knowledge

At times when purchasing plastic bottles, chances are you will not distinguish a valuable bottle from one that is virtually worthless if you are a beginner at this. Basically, to become a successful bottle collector, you need to be in a position to distinguish recyclable bottles from junk. Most bottle collectors make the mistake of purchasing bottles just because of their aesthetic appeal only to find out later that all that glitters is not gold. The best way to cure this critical mistake is by educating yourself.

All plastics bottles are labelled with numbers between one and seven, and these numbers are located at the bottom. This number is enclosed by three arrows and is there to indicate the type of plastic used to make it. Knowing these numbers is of paramount importance since some are better than others.

Smaller Quantities

Buying in retail and wholesale rates always has a difference. When buying bottles in bulk, you can also avail special discounts and offers. Purchasing in bulk quantities offers you a wide range of advantages:

  • You will be able to buy different kinds of plastic bottles
  • Plastic bottles will be sold at cheaper rates
  • You get the chance to choose from a vast collection of sizes and shapes
  • You will not have to keep a large inventory

Unsorted Plastics

Majority of the bottle caps are made from different types of plastic from the bottles. Buying plastics that contain caps will make the sorting process longer and waste a considerable amount of time uncorking the bottles and sorting them, especially when bulk orders are involved. Check for damages, strains or chips on the bottles and return them if the seller offers a return privilege to get refunds or replacements.  

Beginning your career as a bottle dealer should no longer be a daunting process if you understand the above mistakes made by recyclable bottle buyers as well as ways on how to avoid them.