How to Make Sure That Your Steel Fabrication Partner Shares Your Objectives

If you are planning to open a new facility to the public, then you may want to create a great impression and are currently designing the look and feel of the place. You certainly want people to remember their visit and part of this will be down to the layout, fixtures and fittings that they find within. If you want to do this properly, therefore, you've got to choose contractors who know what they're doing and have the same views as you, and this is especially important when it comes to steel fabrication. If you want to create a customised metal staircase with that all-important "wow" factor, how should you proceed?

Safety First

A project like this is very complex, and much attention will need to be paid to safety. It is certainly possible to fabricate steel in this fashion, but it has to be done with the utmost care. If not, certain parts of the staircase could be under a great deal of stress, and it could fail with disastrous results.

As a consequence, you will need to choose a fabricator who fully understands the limits of design and who will tell you whether your objective is possible or not. Safety is the number one priority here as they should always be well-versed in government regulation and know how to make the proper calculations to determine whether the job can proceed.


As you may know, there are a variety of different standards set down in the welding industry, and your fabrication partner must adhere to all of these as part of their quality control policy. Compliance will be everything, especially when it comes to inspection. After all, if corners have been cut or standards have not been met, then you may not be able to open your facility until it has all been rectified.

Budget Compliance

All of this does, of course, have a bearing on the cost. You have a specific budget that you need to meet, but that does not mean that you can compromise at any stage. Nevertheless, make sure that your fabrication partner understands your budget, ratifies whether your goals are possible and implements cost control measures that avoid the unwanted surprise. Remember, they must always maintain the highest standards, as any failure could lead to unwanted costs in the future, insurance claims or government fines.

Making Your Decision

With so much at stake, take as much time to choose your steel fabrication partner as you do to draw up your initial plans. Only move forward when you are perfectly happy with your choice.